Waiting for Leah

The story of our family as we wait for our adopted daughter

Still Thursday…. August 27, 2009

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IMG_7216And I did not get anything done for the adoption. Boo. I did get Jack a haircut and entertained Great Grandma all day. Tomorrow I have ALOT to do.

f.y.i. – And just for added fun, our agency is having us get info on our basement renter because immigration may or may not need it on him. Poor guy, he has to get a physical, fingerprinted and a background check. Just more paperwork…..


One Response to “Still Thursday….”

  1. Tina Says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. You are very kind. I will enjoy watching you as you journey to China for your baby girl. We also were first into the china program. AFter one year, we changed to Korea. I know God had it all planned out for us and I guess we had to take that little one year detour in order to find our Gracie! I know God has a special child planned for you to. Advice I would give you is pray constantly for your baby. Pray for her birth mother, and pray for God to prepare her heart as well as your heart for her to join your family. YOu will see that the wait after you recieve her photo is more difficult than waiting now. I just say…hang on to God’s hope and let him fill you with his peace…because even though I sometimes really wanted to control when our daughter came home. HE ultimatly was the one in control. Once I gave it all to him is when we got our Travel call to come and get her! It was truely a journey of growing, learning, loving, and dreams coming true. God bless you as you are beginning a life time of memories!

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