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The story of our family as we wait for our adopted daughter

Ladybug bedding October 6, 2009

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ladybugSo we have a 3 bedroom house.
Jack and Anderson share a room right now, but before Leah comes home we are going to give Jack his own room on the main floor and let Anderson and Leah share a room upstairs until we save up the funds to move into a house with more bedrooms. So I have already started thinking about how I am going to decorate a room that belongs to a boy and a girl. Right now the walls are a deep red, with firetruck theme all over. I found this awesome Ladybug bedding with the same color red in it online. I wonder how it would look to decorate one half the room ladybug, and the other half firetruck? lol. Here is the bedding. Of course I am not buying it now, just thinking!!! Any ideas?


2 Responses to “Ladybug bedding”

  1. Heather Says:

    I will be interested in seeing the finished product!!

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