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First homestudy meeting October 9, 2009

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Well we had our first homestudy meeting. It went pretty well, our social worker def. had some tough questions for us, but hopefully we answered them right. (if there is a “right”.) I was nervous and don’t have the best answers on things when I am nervous. Would never be a great public speaker that is for sure!!!! One thing that was interesting today was our social worker encouraged us to not be so “white”. Interesting. I am very into learning and understanding the Korean culture, but find it odd to be told I am too “white”. I think I do understand what she is saying, but that is one for the memory bank. She wants us to try to “integrate” more Korean culture into our lives before Leah comes home. I certainly want to try to do that, but where I live, not so sure what is going on as far as Korean culture. I am going to ask our international agency for some ideas. Anyway, I think it was a good meeting overall. We got some paper work taken care of and a list of things to do over the next several months. I am talking with our interernational agency next week and I know we will be traveling up to pay them a visit soon.
Lots to think about from today, that is for sure!


3 Responses to “First homestudy meeting”

  1. Jenny Says:

    yaaaay! i’ll be posting about our first visit tomorrow… it’s funny, our first visit doesn’t sound anything like yours! it’s interesting how different agencies and SWs work 🙂

  2. Heather Says:

    That is weird to hear a sw worker say that. Ours encouraged us to learn more about the culture and asked what we were going to do to integrate the Korean culture into our child’s life but to say not be so “white”. I think I would be a little offended by the comment. I think I would have said that we were not naive as we have a lot to learn about the culture and the heritage of Korea but our child will also be an American and will celebrate American holidays and culture also.

  3. bloggingforleah Says:

    Yea, I just kinda stared at her with big eyes. I like your answer – too bad I did not have it yesterday – lol.

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