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Talked to our international agency! October 13, 2009

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Just got off the phone with them and found some things out. First of all, the agency they work with in Korea is Social Welfare Society. There are 4 different agencies over there. Next, the time frame from application to baby is 18 months and the wait after referral is 3-4 months. (and that is included in the timeframe) The average age the babies are when they are referred is 5-6 months. So I am thinking Leah will be between 9-10 months when she comes home – and that would be super!
Our agency is 4 hours away and we need to meet with them soon – kid free. So I need to try to get Grandma to take off a day to watch our babies so we can make the day trip. I will be excited to meet with them as they will be a huge resource of information!!


2 Responses to “Talked to our international agency!”

  1. heather Says:

    That sounds right, the timeframe they are telling you. We started in May, got held up a little waiting for our pre-screen to come back from Korea so did not get really rolling until July. We have been in the process for about 5 months, 3-6 months to referral and about 3 months to travel so, what they told you, falls right in line. Exciting stuff!! WOOO HOOOO

  2. Jenny Says:

    it’s always nice to know a little more what you can expect!

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