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Timelines October 13, 2009

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So I have been going around from adoption blog to adoption blog trying to figure out timelines and how long it will be until sweet Leah comes home. Does anyone have an average for me? Our agency said 18 months is normal, but they were actually getting the babies home faster than that lately. I am so not getting my hopes up, but it seems a bit average for families to be getting their referral around the year mark. And the babies seem to be 10-12 months when they come home. I am trying to figure out in my head if Leah has been conceived yet, and I think she has, but our social workers thinks not. I can not wait to get that referral and trace it back to see who is right. (of course that will be way in the back of my head once I get the phone call!)
Do any of my fab blogging friends have any to add to this – what has been your experience? I am so excited to talk to our international agency tomorrow, because I want to ask them an average for age at referral and time between referral and the travel call. At first my husband and I were all for an escort so we would not have to leave our two little ones and travel, but lately I am thinking I may travel alone. Or with my sister. 🙂 hint hint
I love comments – write away everyone!


7 Responses to “Timelines”

  1. Heather Says:

    I think it will depend on what agency the baby comes from in Korea. Eastern seems to be a bit slower than SWS for some reason. I am thinking with us, our baby could possibly already be born or about to be born in the next month. I pray for our baby and the birthmother each night as I know it has got to be a hard decision for her to make. I think you should travel and your sis should go with you, Bigger HINT HINT!! LOL We are planning on buying 18 gifts for our baby, one for the first 18 years to give to him on his “God found us you” day!!!

  2. bloggingforleah Says:

    It is SWS. I love your idea about the gifts!!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I thought I was the only one that would sit and day dream about whether or not our little girl had been concieved or born yet 🙂 ..and Heather- I love your name for “gotcha day” What a beautiful alternative for a term I wasn’t so crazy about in the first place!!

  4. heather Says:

    Thanks Stephanie, I actually got the idea from a book, I will put the link here in case you want to check it out.

  5. 3continents Says:

    Hey there, I think we may actually be with the same agency! For us, it took 9 months until our home study went to Korea.
    I do know some people with this agency who have moved at lightning speed though.

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