Waiting for Leah

The story of our family as we wait for our adopted daughter

True Story November 4, 2009

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Elisabeth and Jack Photos 003This is how I feel about all this paperwork. But I know it all brings me closer to Leah, so I will try to look more happy!


Came in the mail today: November 3, 2009

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Paperwork, paperwork November 2, 2009

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Ok I need to get on the ball. I have loads of paperwork I need to get completed this week. Including my bibliography. And Daniel’s – that should be fun! I also need to go to the DMV, and Daniel, too to get a 5 year check. I went to the Dr. last week for our medicals, so check for that! So my goal is to get everything in for my homestudy by Friday, so we can set up our 2nd meeting.
I am supposed to hear today on when our parenting meetings start, we are to attend 4. Everyone says it is the hardest to wait after the paperwork is in. But I think I will just be so happy to have all this paperwork done, I will be relieved. 🙂


John 14:8 “I will not leave you as orphans” October 31, 2009

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John 14:18 NIV “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”

I also looked this verse up in KJV and it is “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.”

A child should never feel comfortless. There are so many orphans out there, and thru this process of adoption, I feel like my eyes have been opened to the cause. My heart is just plain heavy tonight for the orphans. May the Lord bless tonight all the “comfortless.” May He provide a loving home for every orphan.


Wonderful meeting October 28, 2009

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Well we made the almost 4 hour hike up to Maryland and had a wonderful meeting with our international agency. I really really liked both women we spoke with and even got some adoption books from the agency. Along with an awesome travel guide with lots of cool things I get to read on traveling to Korea. It just went super well. I am over the moon excited and having a hard time not telling random people about our adoption, much less family and friends we are waiting to tell. I think at Thanksgiving we are going to have to spill the beans to everyone because I can not wait it out anymore!!! We found out that most referrals happen when the baby is 5-6 mos. home and average age for home is 9-10 mos. And as long as I get plugging along on my paperwork we should have her in a great timeframe. Our coordinator is traveling to Korea next week. So next on my list is : paperwork!


Agency meeting tomorrow October 27, 2009

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Tomorrow we are taking little Anderson 4 hours away to our international agency to have our first, (and only i think) face to face meeting with them. I am so excited because even though we have had our first homestudy, the international agency tomorrow will be able to fill us in on so many details about Korean adoption. Jack is going to grandma’s for the day. I know we will get all our international/gov’t paperwork to fill out tomorrow. Yea!!


And the winner is…… October 26, 2009

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Rebecca! Fitting, since I think she viewed my site half of the hits. Congrats Rebecca!