Waiting for Leah

The story of our family as we wait for our adopted daughter

LOVE, Monday style November 9, 2009

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I feel like I am going out of my mind trying to get all this paperwork in. My deadline for myself was Friday. Did not happen. Daniel almost got his biography completed last night. I just have a right mind to finish it up myself for him this morning. I have to run to the Dmv today for my 5 year check. We are almost there – just have to get Daniel to do that tomorrow. And finish all the documenting for financial stuff. He says he is working on it……hmmmm……..
I have to say if our homestudy agency does not set up the parenting meetings soon I am just going to educate myself and tell them they were too slow. They promised me a call last Monday with the dates and times. I called Thursday and the director was out of the office until today. Guess who’s phone will be ringing promplty at 9am??
Do I care if I am a pain to Daniel and them? NO! Hurry people hurry. I have a baby halfway around the world waiting on me!!
God bless coffee, also this morning. Anderson kept me up half the night. We must do something about that child and his sleeping. I am terrible, terrible about sleep training. But I think I am at the point of “enough”. I know Anderson needs the rest just as much as I do. That is what I will mantra to myself tonight.
Okay, let us have a verse since I seem to need it today.
Honor the LORD with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops…
— Proverbs 3:9 (NIV)
I pulled this verse from google verse of the day. I like to do that sometimes. It is actually really cool. Yesterday I decided to sponsor an orphanage in China monthly. I did it by way of http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/.
Go check out their website. I gave to an orphanage that desperately needed money for formula after an influx of sick babies. And please understand, I am not giving myself a pat on the back. I wanted to share about love without boundaries. It was started by a group of adoptive parents that went to China to adopt, and discovered a little boy they wanted to help. This group provides funding for surgeries for orphans and helps get orphans in China out of institutions and into foster families. I would love it if you would pass this link on to your friends and pray for these children. I know I have many bloggy friends who are adopting, and this cause will be close to your hearts, as well.
So that is my Monday, Love style. I will be very nice on the phone with our agency, I will I will.


Why Korea? October 15, 2009

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I have been thinking this morning on how to answer questions about why we chose Korea. My answer will be “Because that is where the Lord led us and that is where our daughter will be born.” I have already had a few “why not adopt from the States” comments. To those I will respond that the Lord leads different people different ways in adoption. If everyone adopted from the States, who would care for the orphans in other countries? And if we all went to Africa, who would care for those in China? And if none of us adopted domestically, where would I be? (I was adopted as an infant) My point being, these comments gave me pause, and at first I felt guilty for going outside our borders. Then my HEART and the heart of HIM spoke to me. We are being called to Korea by HIM. He has our daughter named and meant for our family. We may have no idea if she is conceived, but my God knows and has angels around her. He will know her today, the day she is born, and will keep her in His care until we can care for her here on earth. And that, my friends, gives me the peace to be able to hold tight and trust that our daughter will be safely taken care of until the day comes that I will finally be able to count her sweet toes, kiss her cheeks and tell her just how much we all love her.

(I think it is so cool that as soon as I hit publish, my phone rang from the head of the Korea program at our international agency. Coincidence, I think not!)


Twins? October 14, 2009

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I stumbled upon a blog about a couple that had adopted twin girls from China a few months ago, and that got me thinking. I even asked in our initial meeting about the likelihood of twins. And her answer “that is really rare.” Rare, but not impossible!! So Daniel and I were talking about it tonight and we decided to bring it up at our meeting with our international agency. And put in a request. How AWESOME is this?!? I know, very rare. But there could be something here……

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

—Hebrews 11:1


Talked to our international agency! October 13, 2009

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Just got off the phone with them and found some things out. First of all, the agency they work with in Korea is Social Welfare Society. There are 4 different agencies over there. Next, the time frame from application to baby is 18 months and the wait after referral is 3-4 months. (and that is included in the timeframe) The average age the babies are when they are referred is 5-6 months. So I am thinking Leah will be between 9-10 months when she comes home – and that would be super!
Our agency is 4 hours away and we need to meet with them soon – kid free. So I need to try to get Grandma to take off a day to watch our babies so we can make the day trip. I will be excited to meet with them as they will be a huge resource of information!!


First homestudy meeting October 9, 2009

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Well we had our first homestudy meeting. It went pretty well, our social worker def. had some tough questions for us, but hopefully we answered them right. (if there is a “right”.) I was nervous and don’t have the best answers on things when I am nervous. Would never be a great public speaker that is for sure!!!! One thing that was interesting today was our social worker encouraged us to not be so “white”. Interesting. I am very into learning and understanding the Korean culture, but find it odd to be told I am too “white”. I think I do understand what she is saying, but that is one for the memory bank. She wants us to try to “integrate” more Korean culture into our lives before Leah comes home. I certainly want to try to do that, but where I live, not so sure what is going on as far as Korean culture. I am going to ask our international agency for some ideas. Anyway, I think it was a good meeting overall. We got some paper work taken care of and a list of things to do over the next several months. I am talking with our interernational agency next week and I know we will be traveling up to pay them a visit soon.
Lots to think about from today, that is for sure!


Ladybug bedding October 6, 2009

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ladybugSo we have a 3 bedroom house.
Jack and Anderson share a room right now, but before Leah comes home we are going to give Jack his own room on the main floor and let Anderson and Leah share a room upstairs until we save up the funds to move into a house with more bedrooms. So I have already started thinking about how I am going to decorate a room that belongs to a boy and a girl. Right now the walls are a deep red, with firetruck theme all over. I found this awesome Ladybug bedding with the same color red in it online. I wonder how it would look to decorate one half the room ladybug, and the other half firetruck? lol. Here is the bedding. Of course I am not buying it now, just thinking!!! Any ideas?


First Homestudy meeting set up!

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YEA! I heard from our social worker, Mary Sue. We have set up our first meeting for this Friday morning. woot -woot!!!!!